Your nail polish glitter and the EU

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Glitter and the Old Days


In the past there was only one rule concerning glitter that you needed to know when formulating your Indie polish. Make sure it was MEK resistant i.e. solvent resistant. Why …? because you risked having an unpleasant surprise when your glitter colours bled, melted and curled and your white crelly creation took on a murky combination of red, green and yellow.


The recent 2013 EU updates have changed all that as most cosmetic nail polish companies are moving to using cosmetic grade glitter in their nail polish and you should too.

It is possible to find MEK resistant and cosmetic grade glitters. However the focus should be on ensuring that the glitter pigments conform to the EU Cosmetic Directives and are cosmetic grade.

Previously a glitter pigment used for nail polish could lie within category 4 for rinse off products (category 4 refers to a category of pigments that can be used in shampoo and conditioners) as nail polish was regulated slightly differently under the old Directives prior to 2013.

Glitter pigments that were previously allowed in Category 4 rinse off are no longer allowed to be used in nail polish because according to the EU Cosmetic Directives nail polish is not a product you can rinse off.

What next?


Nail polish has now been brought in line with other cosmetic products such as lipstick and make-up.

In response to these changes we have reviewed all of our glitter and removed a number of them from sale. We then went about the painstaking process of sourcing and testing new glitter and other ingredients which the EU says are okay for nail polish. Now we are proud to say that all of our glitter pigments are suitable for sale and retail in nail polish within the EU and we will be adding to our range on an ongoing basis.