Limited Edition Micamoma Signature Bottle

We are really fussy when it comes to buying nail polish bottles. Don’t get me wrong bottles have a function…. they hold nail polish and that’s about it. But it can get boring having the same old round bottles that you can get anywhere and with Indie polishers biting at your heels it is nice to be ahead of the game. On our quest for the “perfect” nail polish bottle we came across this one.

We haven’t given it a name yet but it really caught our eye. Made from premium, crystal clear Italian glass, they are thick walled, tough and durable not to mention incredibly stylish. It’s designed in a perfect cube shape with an elegant pedestal that will make your nail polish creation look ornamental and chic. It’s a definite Deborah Lipmann dupe and sooooo aspirational it will add sophistication to any bespoke nail polish brand.


Before you all break down the doors to get it we will be celebrating Christmas and will be in a good state to deal with your orders in the New Year. That is just the time when these nail polish bottles will be available for sale on

Happy Christmas and have a great New Year


Solvent resistant Glitter and MEK testing.. Why is it important?

It seems that not all nail polish glitters are created equal. When we first started out sourcing glitter and glitter shapes we would get excited when we came across a cute fuchsia dot or square. We would be gung ho and put it in our indie polish only to find that after a day or a week our beautiful white jelly polish had changed to a washed out shade of pink. Not good for the reputation and more importantly not for customers polishes.

Now older and wiser we religiously MEK test all/any glitter we intend to use. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) is an industrial strength solvent usually stronger than any nail polish suspension base. That’s why it is ideal for evaluating the long term solvent resistant qualities of any glitter you might be thinking of using.

The accepted wisdom is that if your coloured glitter can sit submerged in MEK for around 5 minutes  and not bleed any colour into the MEK then it has passed the test and we can trust it in our Indie polish. We also need to be concerned about our larger glitters curling but that’s another test. For the test we did the above… below you can see the results.


To be fair we should have left the glitters in the MEK for the requisite  5min. But after that time, samples A ,B and C had shown no signs of discolouration. We were confused..WHY? because we had rejected  A  and  C due to them NOT passing the test a month ago. Leaving the glitters submerged for an extra 5 minutes showed that we were right in not selecting them for sale. Slowly the MEK began to turn pink and purple respectively.  It was a shame as we really liked those glitters and wanted to stock them. The emerald green glitter was the only one that passed with the surrounding MEK remaining clear as crystal. Even with one of us shaking the hell out of it.

Officially according to the 5 minute rule, all the glitters except Sample D would have passed and been deemed solvent resistant. Though we wonder about the long term reaction between the glitter and the solvent based nail suspending base if those glitters were used in an indie polish. Perhaps someone could purchase an Indie nail polish and not use it for 3 months giving the glitters enough time to bleed. But maybe that’s us being a little too anal..

Indie Polish with Holographic glitter Tutorial


I noticed that there is not much information on how to get started making your own nail polish. On the surface it may seem simple, just throw some mica powder and glitter into a nail polish bottle, add your suspension base and you are away.  However great polishes can be created when care is taken in selecting pigments and glitters which compliment each other.

Indies polish has taken off in the United States so much so that commercial nail polish manufacturers are playing catch up with independent small scale polish makers. Indie polishers take the time, care and attention to detail to create bespoke nail polishes that their customers crave and cannot buy on the high street. At this time, UK indie nail polish brands are in their infancy but in the last year there has been an explosion of independent entrepreneurs who mainly work from home and have made their mark on the UK indie polish universe. Many of these have their origins in the frankenpolish and nail art world, at a  time when nail polish suspension base was generally difficult to get hold of.  Aspiring UK polish makers had to make do by mixing glitters and mica powders with shop bought regular clear polish which did not suspend the pigments or glitter but it was better than nothing.

Those days have thankfully gone. Now we are able to create eye-catching and unique nail polishes.

Hopefully this will be one of many nail polish tutorials and recipes that can get you on the way to nail polish nirvana!!

OK Here is what you will need…..

Suspension base
Jade Green Mica
Sapphire holographic glitter 015
Sapphire holographic glitter 040
Penny Copper glitter 008
Laser Blue glitter 008
1 x 10ml empty nail polish bottle
1 x Mega stainless steel ball
1 x 0.05ml measuring spoon
1 solvent resistant funnel
Nail polish thinner mix  (optional)

Feel free to change the glitters and mica powders to any of your choosing. But stick to the measurements outlined.. at least until you are comfortable with making your own polish.

It can get messy so it’s a good idea to do this on plastic, a silicone sheet or paper which you will throw away later or clean. Also working with nail polish suspension base is pretty straight forward but it can get a bit smelly  … so open a window or wear a mask.

1. Fill the nail polish bottle with about 9-10mls of suspension base.

Blue Holographic Indie polish

2. Using the 0.05ml measuring spoon and funnel add…..
5 scoops of  Jade Green mica
1 scoop of Penny Copper glitter
1 scoop of Sapphire holographic glitter
3  scoops of Sapphire holographic glitter
1 scoop of Laser Blue glitter.
Pop in the steel ball and add some thinner if required. It’s a good idea to mix a little suspension base and nail polish thinner beforehand to make sure that your nail polish has the right/desired consistency. If the polish is too thin the glitters will not disperse and suspend correctly. If it is too thick the Indie nail polish will not spread evenly on the nail and it might be tricky to get enough glitter particles on and off the brush.


Put the lid on your nail polish bottle and shake until all the mica, glitter and suspension base have  mixed. Test  your new polish on your nails. If is it is a little thick then add a drop of thinner. If the consistency is a bit thin add some suspension base.


This is the polish straight out of the bottle. If you wanted it would be a good idea to add more topcoat layers to get a really glassy professional finish. Using mica powder as your colourants gives a metallic  shimmery look to your polish. Some people prefer a more matte finish. This can be achieved by substituting mica powder for normal oxide pigments or you can use pre-coloured nail polish.

It’s best to experiment to get the look you want!!